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Help us fund a community program in a city near you!

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CreatiVets has partnered with the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) to offer a 5-month program to veterans in the Dallas area. During these 5 months veterans will meet Mondays and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm at the DMA or another community partner (Bush Institute, Sammons Center for the Arts, Nasher Sculpture Center). During each session, veterans will explore a new form of art to assist transitioning from ”warrior brain” to “artist brain.”

The first four sessions will be hosted by the DMA or the Nasher Sculpture Center and the last two by our community partners. Here we will cover art mediums such as collage, photography, sculpture and drawing. Veterans will have access to the museum's archives so they can view pre-selected artwork to strengthen the veterans understanding of their own work. This special privilege is not available to the public.

The final two sessions will be broken up into creative writing/communication, and songwriting. Upon completion of the program, we will hold a gallery viewing including veteran art projects as well as live music performances of veteran music by #1 Nashville songwriters.

We hope to bring this same type of program to veterans in cities and communities all across the country. Please donate to help us bring these programs to a city near you!